I have found Jennifer’s professional help in editing and proofing my first entire volume of essays invaluable. Though I had read the manuscript several times, Jennifer picked up extra typos, errors, and inconsistencies between different authors’ essays, all of which were meticulously documented for my own final judgement. Jennifer is adept at explaining each correction she makes, allowing reflection and learning for the next piece of work, so the same mistakes are not made again. Her attention to detail in regards to referencing and the bibliography was outstanding. Overall, Jennifer’s service was friendly and clear, as well as being timely and vital in producing a highly polished academic text. Thank you!

Janine Hatter

Jennifer is a professional with clear values which becomes extremely important when you’re talking about about your pieces of writing and editing services. Despite offering editing and English classes as part of her business, she will tell you clearly what you kind of services you need –or not–, for the sake of your own interest. This makes a difference between her and other editors. In sum, I like Jennifer for her values while doing business. Moreover, I trust her and I highly recommend her to you.

Ale Benitez

I needed to write my PhD in English, which is not my native language, so it was extremely important for me to be sure that the writing quality and correctness were at a high level for my dissertation to be accepted. Jennifer’s help in correcting my writing was extremely useful. She has provided a fast and detailed service, respecting the short deadline and paying close attention to all aspects of my writing: grammar, structure, meaning, and even some field-specific technical aspects. From her comments and corrections, I’ve learned what to pay attention to and how to write better.

Debora Santo

Jennifer proved to be an invaluable help when I was co-editing a volume of essays for an academic press. Without exception, I found her editing to be judicious, consistent and light-handed. Despite having read the ms. multiple times, Jennifer’s careful eye spotted typos and errors, which were all carefully corrected. Where needed, she researched word usage, etc. and came back to me with appropriate options and suggestions. Working to a very tight deadline, Jennifer mastered the Press’s house style and ensured that both references and bibliographic entries aligned to what was required. The result was a submission that the press described as ‘remarkably clean.’ I will be using her services again for my next project.

Janice Allan

Jennifer is not only adept at catching an awkward phrase or citation format error, but insightful in teasing out the main points of an argument and helping find ways to foreground and clarify them. I appreciate her attention to both style and content. Precision is the hallmark of her editing.

Gretchen Braun

Jennifer is clear, careful, and prompt in her editing. She catches typos but also offers thoughtful alternatives to ambiguous phrasing. Her suggestions for my further work not only identify weaknesses in my prose but also identify directions for correction, which is much more encouraging than other editors who have merely criticized. Jennifer has made it easy for me to see where she makes changes, which is one more reason I trust her review of my work: she does not take my text over but rather helps me to make it over

Jenni Halpin

This is all amazing – thank you so much. … I found everything really clear, and you were very easy to work with. I can’t fault your attention to detail.

Lucy Santos