I have taught for more than twelve years and have extensive experience of teaching academic writing and study skills. I’ve taught these both in large seminars and in one-to-one tutorials. My students have ranged from level 3 (American freshman, UK final year at school) to level 6 (UK final year at university), and have included both native and non-native speakers of English.

Representative List of Units Taught
Levels 3-6

  • Charles Dickens: Bleak HouseThe Old Curiosity ShopMugby Junction
  • Literary Theory: Freud, Lacan, Derrida, Foucault, Sedgwick, Butler, and Halberstam.
  • Literature from Renaissance to Romanticism: authors include Shakespeare, Wroth, Machiavelli, Marlowe, Webster, Milton, Marvell, Donne, Bunyan, Behn, Defoe, Haywood, and Wordsworth. Unit also includes academic development exercises writing and exam revision.
  • Poetry and Poetics: Authors too numerous to list; included authors from North America, the United Kingdom, and work in translation from Continental poets.
  • Several Nineteenth-Century Literature Surveys: Authors include Wordsworth, Coleridge, Mary Shelley, Austen, Dickens, Barrett Browning, Braddon, Haggard, Marsh, Ibsen, Wilde, and Conan Doyle.
  • Shakespeare and Post-Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare, Milton, Wycherley, Ford, and Victorian theatrical adaptation of popular fiction.
  • Introduction to Literary History: Narrative Forms: including epic poetry (Homer), romance (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), fabliau (Chaucer), allegory (Bunyan), epistolary fiction (De Laclos), lyrical ballad (Coleridge), Bildungsroman (C. Brontë), realism (George Eliot), modernism (Joyce), and post-modernism (Ballard).
  • Introduction to Literary History: Authorship: theories of authorship from ancient Greece to twentieth-century America; including Plato, Aristotle, Renaissance sonneteers, Romantic writers, Anna Jameson, Douglas, Woolf, Stein, and Walker.
  • American Literature 1607-1880: Bradstreet, Irving, Poe, Hawthorne, Harte, Emerson, Thoreau, Douglas, Harriet Jacobs, Whitman, Dickinson, Mark Twain.
  • Introduction to Expository Writing: This unit was for students studying a range of subjects (biology, law, medicine, politics). It focused on teaching students how to structure an argument and write well-crafted academic essays.

My Training (in addition to my PhD and ongoing research)

  • ALPROF Associate Lecturer Development Programme
  • Ethics and Professionalism in the University
  • University Teaching
  • Teaching Literature and Composition
  • Teaching Expository Writing
  • Theory of Composition Instruction