I have worked with authors published by:

  • Ashgate
  • Routledge
  • Cambridge University Press
  • The Conversation
  • Edinburgh University Press
  • Johns Hopkins University Press
  • McFarland
  • Oxford University Press
  • The English Association

Published Academic and Professional Work:

I only list authors’ names and exact titles of their works when they give me permission to do so. In most cases, they do not want this information listed until the work has been published.

Work for Academic Presses:

  • Greco-Turkish Art History
  • Nineteenth-Century Medicine – Fever and Literature
  • Nineteenth-Century Medicine – Hyperhidrosis and Literature
  • Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture – Ventriloquism
  • Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture – Secular Magic
  • Literary Orphans and Science Fiction
  • Literary Orphans, National Identity, and Popular Literature
  • Early Nineteenth-Century Women Poets
  • Fin de Siècle Women Writers and Professionalism 
  • Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction

Work for Trade Presses:

  • Biography of Bohuslav Martinů
  • Popular History of Early Twentieth-Century Science

Work for the Media:


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Postgraduate Work (including MA dissertations, PhD theses, Professional Doctorates):

Government and Politics:

  • Department of Transportation in the UAE
  • Arts and Leisure Governance in Saudi Arabia
  • Governmental Ministries in Turkey

Arts and Humanities

  • Saudi Drama
  • Practices of School and Educational Drama in the Middle East
  • Genre Boundaries in Modern Popular Music


  • Phlebotomy and Matching Blood Types


  • Sharia Banking in the UK
  • Domain Names in Business Practice